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 to pretty in pink

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PostSubject: to pretty in pink   Sun Mar 11, 2007 10:54 pm

hey pretty in pink and thanks 4 ur pm it really touched lots of feelingz in me bs cnt 3ayz a2olek 7aga f3lan...ana asasy 3aref el sala abc islam wna ma2oltesh 3'i ceda ana bas 3ayz a7abeb 2l nas fel deen...i mean mayenfa3sh ageeb wa7ed maye3rafsh 2l far2 been cooz el doora wi 2l sala wi a2olo saly 2l 5amas foorood wi 23mel wi 23mel..7ayecrahni wi msh 7ay7eb 2l deen fa el 7al 2ny a5do belra7a wi wa7da wa7da...3shan f3lan yefham wi ye7eb 2l deen..da col 2ly ana cnt 3ayz a2ooloo.bs bgd 2nty btctby wi tfacary cwys awy..by da way 2nty meen wi ih 2smek 2l 7a2i2y wi in which class 3shan ab2a at3rf 3liki isa ...gd luck
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to pretty in pink
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