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PostSubject: ana   Sun Mar 11, 2007 11:05 pm

dont think its a cool thing writing bout my self..i think ts better talking bout other people ..anyway....m abdelrahman haggag,senior one emeralds..a boy with dreamz of becoming a famous writer although my parents wants me 2 enter collage of pharmacy msh 2smha ceda?? saydala y3nii....wna asasan hate 7aga 2smha science....trying to make them understand i talked and talked but no one listenz..anyway...most of my frndz call me 7ago el 3atefy 3la asas 2ny alwayz in love and having a gr8 exprience in love and its problemz and l be glad 2 help anyone needing help sawa2 7ob aw any other prolem....she3ary fl 7ayah howa love = life flower ..bs brdo there is time 4 da mind...b3sha2 writing songz and storiezzz wi ba7eb so7ay ta7n wi f3lan moshcelty hya el banat wel 7ob lol! lol! ..anyway...cefaya ceda..wi gd luck alzzz
7AGAG king
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PostSubject: Re: ana   Sat Mar 17, 2007 11:18 am

loool..ya 7agag..Very Happy:D famous writer tab kewayes walahii...
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PostSubject: Re: ana   Sat Mar 17, 2007 7:49 pm

Bos ya 7agag... nase7ty leek: ew3a to2a3 fareesa l ahlak!! It's u who decides what to do in ur life... Your life, Your choice!!Always remember that...

BTW, being a famous writing is pretty coool!! I wanna be 1 too... bas I don't have to be famous; writer is enough. Hold on to ur dream w isA u'll reach it..

PS. enta ba2a 7ago el 3atefy??!! 3shan kedaa.... read ur article in TeenStuff n I felt that it was you, even before u say tht ur 7ago el 3atefy.
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PostSubject: Re: ana   Sun Mar 18, 2007 9:25 pm

7agooo.....kewl dream ur goin afta i hpe u reach it w tetla3 a7san writer isa.....w abt ur parents by tym dey'll understand dey jst wnt ya 2 b da bst:D anywayz cya l8er...bbie
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PostSubject: Re: ana   

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