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 I sware I am proud..

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I sware I am proud.. Empty
PostSubject: I sware I am proud..   I sware I am proud.. Icon_minitimeSat Mar 10, 2007 2:28 am

Proud?? Only proud, I am proud and happy and I adore such a lovely place with its lovely citizens.. Which they call Egypt, my opinion is that it must be called heaven, magnification.. I am not exaggerating, but that's the truth..

Some points I'd like to say about EGYPT:

First, Politics:
- Egypt has been a republic since 18 June 1953.
- Less than 8 million registered voters (from 32 million registered voters), turned out for the 2005 elections.
- The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR) is one of the longest-standing bodies for the defense of human rights in Egypt.
- The permanent headquarters for the League of Arab States (The Arab League) is located in Cairo.
Second, Military:
- The Egyptian military is the strongest military power on the African continent, and one of the most strongest in the Middle East.
- Egypt is currently the only Arab and African country with a spy satellite, EgyptSat 1. Egypt is the first Arab country to have a Spy Satellite.
- Egypt is the third Middle East country to operate a spy satellite after Israel and Iran.
- The Egyptian government recently requested a batch of advanced F-15 fighters from the United States equipped with "smart" bombs to expand its Air Defense capability.
- Many Arab and African armies train in Egypt and in response to the poor performance the Lebanese armed forces showed during the recent Israeli-Hezbollah conflict, they have also signed deals with the Egyptian Armed Forces to train and equip the Lebanese Army.
Third, Economy:
- Egypt has been receiving U.S. foreign aid since 1979, an average of $2.2 billion per year (2,200,000,000$) and is the third-largest recipient of such funds from the United States following the Iraq war.
- But Economic conditions have started to improve
- The most well known examples of Egyptian companies that have expanded regionally and globally are the Orascom Group and Raya.
- The IT sector has been expanding rapidly in the past few years.
At last I'd like to say that there is sooo much more information about Egypt, but I think these info are the most unknown for most people..
N.B: All info about the egyptian military is true and its from american sources and written for the American citizens..

-Sherif TantawiŽ-
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I sware I am proud..
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