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 Introduction to automotives (part I)..

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Introduction to automotives (part I).. Empty
PostSubject: Introduction to automotives (part I)..   Introduction to automotives (part I).. Icon_minitimeSat Mar 10, 2007 1:50 pm

Automobiles history dates back to 1770 when a french man, called Nicholas Cugnot built what was agreed to be the first vehicle runs by its own power.
After that (about 1880), a german man called Gottlieb Daimler develpoped an internal-combustion engine in Germany and presented it on 1885 or 1886 (can't remember exactly when). Then here comes Mr. Benz who built the first tricycle with an internal combustion engine in 1885.
So from here European development was continuing between 1885 till 1895. Before the end of 1895, both Charles E. Duryea and american designers had experimental automobiles running in their countries.
Nearly on 1889, Panhard had placed an engine at in front of a chassis, fixed to it sliding gear transmission, break pedals, clutch and accelator.
From 1900 till 1910, there were great improvments in vehicles, that awakened the citizens that this production, or this new form of transportation is really practical to use. Then production of these vehicles became a buisness (around 1912)..
Many of great companies appeared in America quickly (before 1906)..Packard, Buik, Ford, Cadillac, Maxwell, Oldsmobile, Autocar, White, all these companies appeared even before 1905..
In 1908, Ford started his model T with a starting run of 20,000 vehicles, that was a shocking number at that time.
In 1920, there was a great change in automobiles..
Automobiles didn't change at once, they passed by several levels through this whole 100 years..And cars spreaded by a dangerous way these days..
The last proportion of drivers was made around 1960, and it was 80 million passenger cars and 11 million trucks, in the United States.
Guess the number of vehicles nowadays in Egypt for example, I think it'll be a huge number compared to our 1,001,450 square kilometers..

Nowadays we depend on vehicles in all our form of transportation, it is a necessary part of our business, military and social life..

This text is written by Sherif TantawiŽ
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Introduction to automotives (part I)..
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