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 Introduction to automotives (part II)..

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Introduction to automotives (part II).. Empty
PostSubject: Introduction to automotives (part II)..   Introduction to automotives (part II).. Icon_minitimeSat Mar 10, 2007 1:59 pm

Main operation:

Motor vehicles begin to perform their function when the driver turns the starter switch, which releases an electric current from a battery which sets into action an electrical starting motor which turns a wheel connected to the engine. Then the driver steps on a pedal which controls the rate of gasoline at which it flows into a chamber called a carburetor. There the gasoline is mixed with the air to form a mixture which will burn. This mixture is sent to engine cylinders with an electrical spark sent to it (made by rhumkorff coil or ignition coil) which sets fire into the cylinder, that certain burn or explosion turns the crankshaft and then the crankshaft turns the engine, and as long as the driver presses on the gasoline pedal, that crankshaft and so the engine turns continuously..
Through something called a clutch the crankshaft is then connected to the transmission of the power from the engine..And ofcorse between the back wheels and front wheels there are brakes to slow down or stop the vehicle..
The transmission gears are like distrubuters of the energy we take from burning fuel in the cylinders, connected to the transmission gears there is a propeller shaft, which is like the controller of the wheels it is located under the cabin of the car and its like a long pipe at the back end of it there is a differential-rear axle housing, some times when nessecary it turns one wheel faster than the other, and so the car is in motion..
At the front wheels of the car, they are directed by steering wheels.
The wheels contains springs to decrease sudden shocks of roads, holes, rocks for example..

That was the main operation of vehicles, I hope you have imagined how does the car work.. That's only some hints about most important operations in the vehicle..

This text is written by Sherif TantawiŽ
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Introduction to automotives (part II)..
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