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 100% Literacy!

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PostSubject: 100% Literacy!   100% Literacy! Icon_minitimeSat Mar 10, 2007 9:57 pm

Hello everyone...
Hi to all of those Proud Egyptian Citizens...

As I've read in "Yalla Bina" magazine about what we want to do for Egypt, I wanted to write my dream for Egypt. So here, Ahmed, I'll say what I wanted to send to the magazine.

I hope -By Allah's will- that I can live to the day that I see ALL of the Egyptians educated... and yes, I mean ALL!! Not a single illiterate person. I am ready to teach everyone living on the blessed land of Egypt, reach out for the poor, and spread awareness everywhere!

I know you'll all think that this is the most impossible thing ever to do, but how would we progress if we did no effort, at least dreaming, for our beloved Egypt Question How will this nation rise again after its fall, without its own people planning, setting goals and trying as much as possible to achieve them??

Again think of it... do you think when all the people are educated (and by this I don't only mean literate but I also mean not ignorant) will the behavior remain the same? Will we see the same habits of ignorant people filling every spot of Egypt?!

Think it over everybody and tell me whether that is too much to do or not. But I guess you all do believe, as Ahmed Nawar, that we shouldn't put a limit to our dreams. Just visualize it and see how it'll mean to you.

A Proudly Egyptian Girl
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100% Literacy!
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