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3la2 el shafie

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PostSubject: 300   Sun Mar 11, 2007 2:07 pm

Directed by: Zack Snyder
Cast:Gerard Butler,David Wenham(Faramir in Lord Of The Rings),Lena Headey & many more.
Tagline:Prepare for glory!!
Plot outline:Based on Frank Miller's graphic novel:The batle of thermopylae at 480 B.C the Greeks sent there best figthers who were 300 Spartans to stop the upcoming army of the Persian empire lead by there king Xerxes who had an army of 170,000 men.the greeks faught in a narrow canyon at thermopylae.This attempt was made by the Greeks to buy time to prepare there army against the Persians.This suicide mission was only assigned to these 300 Spartans who were from the blood line of Hercules.
Score on IMDB:8.4/10
Users comments: can't i give it more than 10!?
MPAA:Rated R for seqences througthout film & some sexualtiy & nudity
Runtime:117 min
Quotes from movie:"Spartans tonight we dinne in hell"
These are some pics from movie.

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