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 You've changed [a poem]

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PostSubject: You've changed [a poem]   Tue Apr 17, 2007 6:24 pm

hey everyone! i wrote this poem long ago but now as i'm a member in the forum i thought that i might publish it. plz tell me what u think about it!

For the first time since I've loved you
I feel alone when you're by my side
I feel down. I feel ignored
But all I do is try to hide

I knew something is missing in my day
It seems like I haven't heard from you for so long
I loved you and I thought you felt the same
But now I'm afraid I was wrong

Believe it or not, this laugh you heard
Isn't coming right out of my heart
How can my heart ever laugh,
When it's just about to fall apart?

How can my eyes stop tearing?
How can my heart get back together once more?
All I know is that you've changed,
And that you're not as loving as before,

Now you're different. you moved on
And I'm sure you'll return, but I don't know when
Come back to my life bring back the love
And then my heart can beat again…
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Pretty in Pink


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PostSubject: Re: You've changed [a poem]   Thu Apr 19, 2007 5:03 pm

So proud of u, my dear... Very Happy u did it!
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You've changed [a poem]
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